Sunday, January 20, 2008

morning dew

Good Morning- by Charis Vera

Take each day as it comes girl, though i truly am overwhelmed by more than just work. More than just the simple lack of time.
Strange; If only it were no more than that.

Prone to crying and being sensitive to oh, i don't know, every other thing. Good or bad or whatever.
It wasn't the best day of my life though there were, as always, perks.

Thank You Enqing for the lovely, insanely gorgeous, fantastically wonderful drawing which has my name included in it((:
When i look at that part, I'm reminded of you saying "I can just like, crochet the lace in like that lor" for some reason. haha.

As of now, it's looking very sweet in a pretty pink frame. I know black would look infinitely better. Or brown even, but pink was the only one i had.

I Am Legend is a wonderful, fantabulous show. However, i won't ask you to watch it because you might not think the same. It somehow isn't every one's cup of tea.
While you might scoff at the foolishness of him talking to mannequins, i'm curled up in my seat, crying at how sad it is and how wonderful it is that there is a movie that, in such a plain and simple way, has managed to pull mercilessly at my heartstrings.

I loved it. Every moment of the show. And i cried a lot too. It was, to put it simply and not really doing it much justice, beautiful.

I'm a tad off-balance right now.
I keep feeling like crying at random and i'm quite upset at something that i read.
Except, i can't quite talk about it with anybody.

I am drained, so very drained.




I can't deal with my life right now.
So before i throw myself off the thirteenth story, i'll say goodnight.



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