Thursday, January 24, 2008

i just got back from a very nice long walk in the park with Victor and Enqing whom i had dinner with tonight.
We hung out at my place for a bit and sort of carried on (til a bit too late) from there.

i've got a gazillion things to do and should write them down to put them in order in my rapidly deteriorating brain.

1) walk homer
2) finish DD's present
3) remember to check on my results
4) send alastair pictures
5) ignore pocketful of people on msn (sorry. just a tad bit lazy)
6) sort out reunion 01
8) remember to check on my results
9) get birthday venue sorted out
10) get birthday invites sorted out
11) say hello to random people
12) make time for myself
13) shit there's Chingay rehearsals on sunday. shit
14) wrap this up quick
15) Facial. like, before i die.

nice long interesting talk and we'll just have to wait to do something similar anytime soon.
Gosh i do miss late night walks and talks with victor. haha

Clearly i am horribly lazy right now though i've lots to talk about which includes God's hand in a lot of stuff, quite unexpected.
i'm incredibly tired.
i will blog tomorrow though. hah

night shitheads!


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