Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just a bit and just enough

Soon After Christmas - Stina Nordenstam
It's strange.

You meet in the sandbox, turn around at the same time to call out to your parents chatting on a nearby bench.
And the rest of your lives, or what feels like it, you find out about each other through facebook pictures and ex-girlfriends' blog posts.

From enough of a distance, you manage a peek at each other's lives.
You hold your breath as they go through rough patches, and manage a smile when things okay themselves.

We tend to think the other has come far enough away from the tougher bits of life. And it's always a shocker to find that the opposite is true.

But then, there are probably many others thinking the same thing about you too.

We grow up.
We scramble out of that sandbox, get to our feet and run after whatever it is that might just leave us behind.
We do turn round, just one last time, to give a wild wave. But we don't think we'd get too far away to not want to come back. We don't think that we'll not come back.

Instead, we find ourselves staring back at old pictures and all the gaps in between where we weren't.

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Tease said...

you look cute in the picture and after taking a closer look, i realised you look A BIT like alastair ( not tt he looks cute. you look cuter definitely, Mahahaha (inserts green emoticon monster here) )
Who's the little creature btw and your oatmeal cookie of a heart looks really deformed, like it has warts. Big fat brown hardass warts. But, i can tell that you're very proud of it, it probably tastes nicer than it looks.
I want an oatmeal cookie + your voice + 2.50 for christmas

eh put up a xmas wishlist leh for urself of coz