Sunday, July 18, 2010

i like today quite a bit

I loved church and how it went.
Everything; from the time I got there, to worship,
to the sermon- small group style.
I bus-ed it home and chatted with the little creature over Ben&Jerry's Turtle Soup.
And I got to nap too(:

I love days like these,
Calm and beautiful and mine(:

So we're heading to the dbs arts centre for Hannah's play which I'm quite excited about. I've never been one for local plays, much less ones done by the upcoming generation.
I only ever go for Vicky's and Asher's and only because I think they act well.
Even so, the rest of the cast doesn't always promise to be un-cringeworthy.

And it's a terrible occupational hazard of mine, because I find myself less capable of sitting down to enjoy the play for what it's worth.
To the point of actually fighting the urge to get up and leave sometimes.

Of course, a large part of it is my intolerance for bad pronunciation and bizarre word-emphasis that is a typical trait of local actors/actresses.
At the same time, I'll admit that I am incredibly quick to make blanket statements and generalizations.

So this point on, with working on SYF next year and such, I very much want to see what I ought to brace myself for, what I should and shouldn't do,
What I will.not.stand.for on stage and just open myself up to ideas because I think that's important too.

Truth be told, I'm kind of scared of going this evening.
I'm scared I'll be so horrified that it'll take me massive effort to stay put.
Not because Hannah's bad at all, but I wouldn't know about the rest of the cast now will I?
And I don't even know what the play is/is about.
I hope it's not a local-comedy thing because I find locals have a very strange sense of humour.

Anyways, we'll just see how that goes.
Everything's a learning point I guess. *chants it silently like a mantra*

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