Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This random Wednesday, I find time to tell you random things

Like how, for one, I've been a bit busy.
And how I type and email so much more on Kym that in the first hour of using a computer, I'm a bit lost, to be honest.

The week, and today in particular, has been a tad uhm, tiring.
My first two classes were great. Hardly any trouble, went on without a hitch. And I got to working on The Script in between classes (and loo breaks, and in between bbming Bird).
Lunch was nice.
Simple and, nice. Good Lord I feel like Joel and then Clem from Eternal Sunshine On The Spotless Mind.
I need to stop using the word "Nice".

The afternoon class was noisy but not entirely impossible.

But i'm tired today.
Brain dead.
And it's not just physical, this tiredness.
Oh I don't know.

Too much thinky-thinky.
I will go to bed before my brain explodes on me.

This is Tommy!
Who's being an absolute darling and letting me use his place as a stopover for shoesies!:D

Random fact about me (I re-realized it today) to finish off your Wednesday:
I think I've mentioned how I don't watch a lot of telly because I find it pretty noisy.
Weeeell, I realized I watch with the telly on mute quite a lot.
unless I'm sitting down specifically to watch something.


okay I will go disappear now.

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