Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scenario Improv.

Then I continued to write.
Expand write.
My way of speaking aloud, putting my thoughts
in some kind of order.

We talked. And God, it felt like it was taking quite a bit
out of me. For some reason.

Expand reason.
It's the first tiff we've had. And I was taken aback by how I was feeling.
Still am, to a point.

Expand feeling.
The realization that I, for the most part, would
otherwise be too lazy to feel. Would usually get annoyed
at myself for even beginning to feel so much.

Expand much.
Acknowledging that it is an issue, for one.
And taking in the reaction from different parties.
And deciding how I feel and what I'd like to do.

Expand do.
Usually? Walk away.
This time, I wanted to stay.
Uncomfortable as it made me feel. I wanted to stay. I wanted
to fix it.
I was surprised at myself for wanting that.

I think I love her.

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