Thursday, September 16, 2010

you won't be seventeen forever,

And we can get away with this tonight

"And we tossed the wig up, and it hit the fan and got flung out the window.
We had to scoop it up from the window ledge with a dustpan, and while doing that,
Our DM walked past."

"The boys in my class don't always pick the nice smelling deodrants, sometimes the pick the stinky ones and it sucks."

"It's really sad, the boys in my class are smarter than the girls."

"Hey remember that Chem teacher we had? The one with the most bizarre eyebrows?"

I miss being younger and in school and all the stupid things that come with.
It's sort of sad, how everything I say is in the past tense and everything I hear,
is what my kids are going through right now.
Never thought I'd miss it, you know.
And it's funny. In a sad sort of way.

When I was that age, I never thought I'd find myself wishing to be that age again.
But I do.
I'm tired and worn, and although I know I had my fun,
it's one of those random periods of time that I feel ghastly old and suddenly want to run about in the carpark with my hands flailing about.

I will shut up now, and have myself a pre-dinner nap.

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