Friday, November 26, 2010

The Penguin on her finger says Hello

It ain't no celebration without booze, they say.
So while their laughter echoes about the house, my generation sits about in different rooms, distracted with screens all of different sizes.
I don't mind it too much actually.
My new nickname is Sniffles and I am a tad jetlaggy. The plane food was not worth waking up for. rawr.
Naw, it wasn't bad. It's just, I wouldn't have minded going without it.

Thanksgiving was a shockingly quiet affair with the Tang's. We attempted to go to Fossilman's afterwards, quite forgetting that most people might actually be home for Thanksgiving.
So we came home instead.

Slept away the afternoon, although I could honestly do with more sleep. Feel like curling up like a fat fluffy cat under the covers(:

I will go for a walk a night walk with The Little Creature now.
Don't mind shopping in the least, but the thought of Black Friday honestly scares me a little bit.
I sort of don't want to die.
Plus, post New Year's always has bigger discounts!
Okay, going for walkies, says Sniffles!

November 25th 2010, 10pm

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