Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to The Acting Corps

Two year difference babeez!

Today was fantastic. Meeting new people, finding out, discovering things. All of it.
I wouldn't have changed one bit. Okay, maybe I would've tried harder at being responsible (even though I really
did try quite hard and honest to God, I don't know why I didn't check back and/or double check), in an effort to save my grammy from screaming into mommy's only hearing ear and having the family in an uproar and seconds away from sending a search party downtown to hunt the streets for a Chink girl who was very happy finding her way back home.

I had me some coffee and write-time at Tom's. Okay, I lie. I ate. I had a burger at half three even though I wasn't hungry because I figured it was about time for lunch. I hate doing that- eating when I'm not hungry. I don't know why I even do it sometimes.
Had coffee that was much too sweet and thought about the class that had ended.

Had someone tell me I had nice eyes and a cute smile which made me go "Why Thank You." And then Louise (he was our instructor today because Jenny got into a car accident on her way to us) pointed out how I was very responsive to everything while a lot of others were blank walls. It's not that either one or the other was more right/wrong/whatever, it's that the best thing about acting, is all the real bits to it.
Someone else after that said I was genuine, and that made me smile.
We did something called Repetition today. Which was pretty cool.
Not just for the pair physically involved in that space and time and moment but for the rest of us in the audience.
And this is never something I'll ever even hope to get out of my kids. Everyone's just so absorbed in themselves and how it affects them and their involvement that they don't see that being in the audience involves one just as much as being on stage.

For instance, this one pair that went up, it kept us all riveted because their energy was so incredibly charged. And it was frikkin' bizarre, because half way through, that energy became super sexually charged in the most odd way. And it was just that tension or that energy between them. Created by, well them as people, but not consciously.
And I mean the chap's like mid-forties and she was twenties, for sure. And I'm not saying anything happened, I'm saying that there are all these moments.
These fucking moments that are crazily charged with all these things and it.is.mindblowing.
Pretty cool, I think.

It was fantastic.
All of it was.
And there was so much that I got out of it.
Not as an actor, no.
But as a person.
There was just so much truth to all of it, that every second word made me want to cry and dissect it and repiece it and put it away.

And I will.
Soon as I find out how to write faster.

November 29th 2010, Monday

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