Thursday, July 7, 2011

Have I mentioned how I love my life?

No pressure to wake up, let's start with that. And I always get to find a Good Morning text waiting for me on my cell.
My duvet is nice and comfy and I can lose myself in it.
Then I roll out and stick my feeties into nice warm brown fluffy slippers.

I think breakfasts play a huge part in making one's day-
Yesterday and today, it's been cornflakes with strawberry yoghurt and a dash of honey. A concoction that has me smiling just at the thought of it.
The first time I saw it, the scene looked like this:
We've woken up at 7am at Sam and Michelle's. Jacquin's watching telly and I'm on the adjacent couch, still in my jammies.
Erika comes over with her bowl of breakfast and something unrecognizable. Like, it looks like cornflakes but it sure as hell isn't milk in there.
"Try!" She says. And I'm totally like, "whaaat, naw it's okay." Eventually I do have a mouthful and it's a bit odd the first time round but it's not so bad.
So she goes off to make me my own bowl and gasp! Puts honey in it for me(((:
Yes I know, I am spoilt rotten.

So this breakfast has followed me back to the Spore. And I settle myself in front of Maxine, with a glass bowl of that and watch (yes, C, watching something?!)
An episode of Greys'.
And that makes me super happy too!

I think mornings are the loveliest part of a day. And they can make or break it. So they need to be set up nicely.
If mornings are always spent rushing around, the rest of the day always feels like that. Plus, for some reason, an early morning takes more of a toll than a late night. (Then again, late means working til 9pm, not sleeping at 3am after partying)

So yes, that's been my life of recent. And it's been awfully nice and productive.

This working a couple of hours a day, gotta love it. And doing what I love no less. Yum!

So it's half past ten in the morning. I've got a couple of hours before I've to leave. Think I'll pop into Fairprice and pick me up a nice coffee along the way. I've got tomorrow morning to pack and clean anyways.


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