Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Gawd I love lazy Sundays-

We ended off our Saturday night date by going shopping. And sure, it was shopping at Raffles City's Marketplace, as opposed to NTUC extra, but still. I'm not complaining. Erika got to pick the cereal and the yoghurt and (Bird you're gonna love this) the box of granola. Which I'd never have picked up on my own but which isn't half bad! Paid for our 40ish-dollar groceries and 9:07pm we find ourselves in a cab heading for home.

We got home, put away our goodies, showered and tucked ourselves in. Time check? Yep, you got it. Quarter past ten.

No actually, you ought to know that we don't always pass on church. But we opted for a lazy Sunday this time.
The Little Creature came by to join us for breakfast, bringing Erika strawberries for her strawberry mush to go with my maple pancakes. And yes, we introduced Janice to the joy and wonder of cereal and yoghurt.

Cereal-yoghurt + Maple Pancakes with strawb-mush and granola + Fresh Vanilla Coffee...
What's not to love about lazy Sundays?
Especially when you get to crawl back into bed after for a nap(:


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