Friday, January 4, 2008

just rest your eyes

just rest your eyes

Because the thing is, it'll always be better after that. That's the belief, and we have no reason to believe otherwise.

She can't even spell complexity. Lord.
But i'm nit picking here and being a bitch. Though it's relatively safe as of right now, simply because very few people know of this blog. At the very same time, if i'm not wrong, there's an auto transfer of this posting to my multiply site. For all i know, you could be reading this off my multiply site right now, at this very moment.

I'm not unhappy, i'm just left wondering.
We all do that sometimes, don't we?
And thinking almost always paralyzes you.

I'm actually in the middle of tidying up what the hurricane left behind in my room.
I decided to give it a make over you see, and i'm really quite pleased with the way my room's turned out. All i have to do now, is put the finishing touches, which included tidying up the mess i've left behind me.
i mean that literally, it's right behind my chair.

I've tidied up my table though! and i don't mean, making all the mess stand up.
I mean, actually tidying it up so that you can see that it's made of wood. hahaha.

i'll blog in awhile, when i don't have undone tasks screaming at me.


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hello your laptop is cool, yo