Monday, July 28, 2008

A Teenager's Speech 01

I spend my Tuesday afternoons teaching Public Speaking at Broadrick Secondary.
They've got a competition coming up which I'm preparing them for and tomorrow, they're all required to present a full three minute speech which I'll be grading them on.

I offered my help, email address and blimey, even my msn address just in case.
Told them that their speeches should come in by Saturday.
However, out of a class of about thirty students and maximum,
I've only gotten four.

Then again, I was like that too.
I'm holding on to this idea that just because they didn't email me their speeches doesn't mean it's not good.
At the same time, when you're teaching a class, you are always likely to spot the good ones and the weaker ones.

The four who emailed me are not the bottom of the barrel, although they are slightly weaker.
I am definitely not worried about the ones who aren't weak,
but there are so many who are and yet, haven't emailed me their speeches.
At the same time, there are also the couple here and there who are so overwhelmed by their stage fright that they refuse to even try.
I think that gets me more than anything.


Anyway, the most recent speech came in
and i thought it was the best so far.
Well, as best gets out of four.
But really, it is quite impressive I must say, considering she's one of the quieter ones.
(I think anyway, cos I can't quite remember who she is and everyone remembers the louder ones!)

"How we look is unimportant, it's the inside that counts"

Staying in a country full of critics and materialism persists; it is difficult, even foolish to say that how we look and present ourselves doesn't matter. however I am with the argument that looks are not all important and that what we are inside ultimately determines how others judge us. Let's start by taking a very common example where people are judge by their looks-the media world. Actors and actresses who are good-looking and attractive always garner the most number of fans, is that true? Not really. Undoubtedly, these celebrities would have an edge over their less good-looking colleagues at first impression. But in the long run, their short terms success can only be maintained if they are truly talented. Take for example Taiwanese model Lin Zhi Ling, who is ranked among the top models in Asia, but was recently criticized for being a flower-pot in her movie "Red Cliff" by 'People's Review magazine". This is a clear testimony that being good-looking is not enough to be outstanding. One must be sophisticated too to succeed in the world of acting, like Health Ledger for example, whose impressive performance as 'joker' in 'Dark Knight' earned the respect and support from many fans.

Another point which clearly illustrates the importance of personality rather than looks is friendship and love. More often than not, people with good personality such as being kind, outgoing and caring, have more friends than those who are good looking, yet unreasonably snobbish and proud. This is because inner beauty is more approachable and likeable than exterior good-look! even regarding boy girl relationship and marriages, having good personality outweighs pretty faces, Its sadly true that most people go for looks rather than character when it comes to finding partners, but how many of these relationship actually last? But according to statistic, couples with matching personality last much longer than those that are together because of materialistic reasons. After all, love isn't about being glamorous but rather having passion and devotion isn't it? Thus in this concept how we look is unimportant but it's the inside that counts/

-- Venny Fernandez

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