Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Thanks you, Enqing, who was the photog for this series of shots and who was adamant on not ever having a picture of him in glasses((:
eme: Sniff. Stop it Aunty Anne, you can never beat me at being unglamorous.
eme: omg, amateurs!
Yes this is in very random order. Cake cutting while they doze off. hahahah

Fantastic cake
and then victor morphed into a greyhound.

pictures of the picture-taker.
Well, one of them anyways!


It was a brilliant birthday for me, even though I didn't want it to be too much of a hoopla.
But mommy never lets it go by with anything less.
I loooooved my presents this year!
This entire little party at Luxury Living (a lovely place to drink but which you shouldn't get drunk at) was mommy's present.
The Little Creature pooled with V and Eme for my FUCKING GORGEOUS PINK CAT CARRIER. I need a pic of that asap.
Enqing MADE (yes, you read right, MADE) me a bracelet and matching earring set in my favourite colour, and a super duper cute card.
And Victor's present just got delivered today! It's a scratch post for Buttons! It's a perfectly adorable little thing in black and orange and just, incredibly pretty.
Buttons loves it. But I'm preeeetty sure I love it more. hahaha
And I'm quite sure i love the pink kitty-carrier more than she does!
Also, way before my birthday, my RVH students made me a card and got me a pair of earrings((:

All in all, I had the most brilliant birthday presents and our little affair was absolutely awesome.

Thank you to everyone who came, to those who helped out, to those who planned and pretended and called and said "OH SHIT" before hanging up. To everyone who sent well wishes and birthday greetings and prayers and called in to say hi, to anyone who thought of doing that but didn't and to Buttons for being a good girl in the morning(:

It was an utterly brilliant day and I loved every single bit of it.
Mommy was right though, the only way for me to keep her birthday present this year, is in an imaginary box in my brain(:

I'm happy with the couple of birthday presents I got myself (I know, right)
One of which includes my website (ahmahgad, thanks again Vic) and Buttons aaaaaaand...
Ma, meet Grace. Her name's pronounced Charis too.

PS: You're right Ann. haha

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