Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet Buttons <3 and another daily rant about how I shouldn't rant.

Showing off her adorable little bikini
My little poseur!

"Mommy, whatcha doingggg?"

She was a wee bit hyper in the middle of the day. It was alright until she started jumping at my pens and mauling everything while I sat down to get some work done.
So I told her off and gave her ten seconds to get her act together, after which she curled up and promptly fell asleep.

It's been a pretty uneventful day although I must say that I certainly am quite happy with the amount of work I've done.
For starters, I got my pudgy, untanned bottom off my bed where I've been watching endless episodes of How I Met Your Mother (and finished Season one, mind you!) and I settled to get started on my modules for that degree I never talk about until asked.

It's been less motivating since I've thought about the one module that I HAVE TO TAKE (Computer and System Administrations or something) and which all my cousins say you have to sit through. And although I said I might just pay Victor to help me do it all, I realized that I'd still have to go down to take my exams. Bloody Hell.
Also, I decided to stay an extra year in Singapore because I really am that in love with my company and my job.

So all in all, between looking after my baby and watching TV series on a burnt disc (Kudos to Enqing!) and buying more Jodi Picoult books (amongst others) to excuse myself from school work,
nothing's been done for about, lemme see, By Golly, two months!

Fortunately it's a Public Speaking Module.
Which, although very very VERY dry and factual, will actually help me in my work.
For instance, did you know that most people suffer from Public Speaking Apprehension? And on top of that, 15% in the US suffer from extreme cases.
Also, you can use nervousness to your advantage as long as you know how to handle it and yourself.

Also, quite an important point in public speaking, is listening.
So the last chapter that I just read up on, was all about listening.
We spend 41%-60% or more of our communication, listening.
However, only about 50% of that is understood and retained. And only 25% after 48 hours.
Sweet Jeebus, eh?

I've been at it from about two right up til five.
Of course, with decent breaks in between and Buttons sitting on my textbook to clean herself. (What the? yeah, I know)

Well, that's one assignment down and it's nice to know that I've got the time to sort out the rest.
Guess I'm going to pass on walking Homer today. Haven't really felt like it. But then, I didn't nap either.

So, I'm just going to stop here for my daily prattle about schedules that do not interest you in the least!

I was about to say "Hope everyone's March Hols have been fab!" Except there's just the handful of JC friends who probably spent half their hols studying and the other half partying WHILE worrying about how much more they've got to study.
It's funny how my holidays barely match up with anyone. But what's funnier is how I used to skip school like crazy because I couldn't be bothered to wake up, and here I am going to certain schools at 7.30am to teach.

"Our God is a very humourous God honey," Mommy always says.

So with the end of the term, there're a couple of schools left to wrap up.
The first one we've already wrapped up is CHIJ Kellock. My adorable bunch of seven year olds who always made me forget that I was prancing around at 7.45 in the morning.
I'll post vids and pictures up soon(: Promise.

Next up on the "To Wrap Up" list is Swiss Cottage. They aren't a bad bunch and they're really good, although their location is incredibly far from home.
It's quite sad, really. This week's our last lesson and it's the grading and review.

RVH wraps up next week. And I'll have to say byebye to a bunch of incredibly smart students. (omg, you seriously wouldn't believe).
ps: thanks for my early birthday present, Gina and Joanne!

Anyhoos, it's the start of a new week and it's back to work and school for most of us.
We're already into the second Sem, the end of the year doesn't feel all that far away.
On the definite up-side,
there's still half a million countries to go see this year! (okay, no, not really. But like at least two or three more for sure!)

all my love, hugs and strawberry kisses!

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