Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mondays, they're just the prettiest thing these days

And so,
my Monday consisted of introducing odd-tasting, magic sandwiches to a friend who's decided that the loo in my apartment is within running distance (from wherever she was standing)

It was quite a lovely day, I must say.
Quite lovely indeed.
And Lord I'd do it all over again, because it really was all that nice.I love rain.
Just absolutely love it.
When mommy first realized that, she said (aloud, fortunately or unfortunately) that I ought to have grown up in London. I think I narrowed my eyes at her and said
"Funny that, because I could've sworn I was born preeeeeeeeetty nearby there.

Okay, so if you're all dressed up, hair piled high and in heels that just CANNOT get wet, then rain would be a bit of a bitch.
But on the whole, it's quite nice.
I keep wanting to say, "especially when you're indoors" except it's not true in the least!

they're fantastic when you're curled under the covers together, and talking about nothing.
Or nursing hot mugs of Hot Chocolate.
But they're also quite brilliant, when they catch you completely unaware, and yet it's perfectly fine to get soaked to the skin. And so we do (go get soaked to the skin).
Well, so we did,
and I thought that was just lovely, that time.

Like today.
Like talking, like falling, like curling up, like actually working your brains on a day off!
Like being comfortable, feeling ease slip between your shoulderblades like it's always meant to be there.
Like waking, to a reason to smile.

So I just randomly thought I'd put up an insanely old picture of me to say

I picked it because the feel of today was sort of like the feel of that day in the picture.
Except with a hell lot less smokes today, and being indoors. hehehehhe.

And I am happy, truly I am.
So I'd like to take it as it comes as opposed to having my brain upset with too much thought.

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