Sunday, April 25, 2010


I would like some order in my life.

I miss Muay Thai terribly, so I will go back to it. That and swimming, and blading, and running now and then (and not from school to school)
Cut out the smokes, and return to the comfy-ness of fish and fruits and fruit juice.
Sugar (in the form of drinks), I will save for the weekends.
I think I've loaded up on enough desserts this last month and a half to last me the rest of the year.

It's taking its toll on me, I swear. And boy, do I feel old saying that.

I will return to assignments, to flying through them at break neck speed. And there is work, which I feel I should put more heart into.
And there is also Tuesday Tunes, on May 4th,
flea market thingy with Eme and massive blading sessions with Bird, as often as we can before she leaves. Which isn't a long time away.
There are things to pack, things to chuck
and things to write about.

I think I've aaaalmost settled on the font I would like for my major tattoo which I'm getting in just under a month, just needs a bit of artistic input from Moon.

I will move my bed back to its original position eventually, and hope to spend at least my last few months in nice, clean space.

And then, and then, finally,
I will transform into a walrus:D


So that wasn't me on Incredible Tales, and if you sat through it, I am terribly sorry.
The last I checked, it was supposed to be episode 4, but you never know with these things I suppose.
My eyelids feel drawn to each other. I'm going to pop into the shower and crawl into bed.

There's tomorrow, and tomorrow is a thought to smile at.


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