Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Could I stay a while?" "Stay forever."

a venture as romantic as an open wound, seamless as a patchwork quilt, fragrant as an alley after hours.
-- Rebecca Wolf

Try to stick two smooth sides together and you’ll find you can’t. They won’t hold because they’ve got nothing to hold onto. You also can’t put a smooth side against a top or a bottom because the pegs won’t catch. But you put the top and the bottom together – the parts of a Lego block you don’t get to see, the parts that you’re supposed to hide – you get a fit. Holds pretty well too.
-- Glenn

I don't believe I've felt like this before.
No, not like this,
I haven't.
It's a nice feeling, I must say. And I could stay put for a while longer.

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