Saturday, August 14, 2010



I have absolutely no idea how I did today. I've been on the go ever since half six in the morning; if not mentally, then physically, and if I'm not physically moving, then I am being moved (in a cab. I did not take any other mode of transport this entire day. Cab count: 5, 3 of them were booked.)
It was my ride around singapore day, I kid you not!

Hougang-tampines-boon lay-potong pasir-hougang-lor lew lian- east coast road- hougang.

Surely, surely, loyal cab-riders such as myself deserve some kind of reward!

And I am just, so, so tired right now- that I feel like sitting and sorting out my script. (It's madness I know)
But only because it sort of settles me, steadies me, gives me an odd sense of calm. Helps me know that I don't need to move around anymore. I am done.

Oooor, I think I might just curl up instead. The two cups of 3in1 coffee are working their magic and I'm feeling all comfy and dozy(:

Chasing Epiphanies was a lovely event with a fun crowd. Not a very shopping-y crowd, save for Enqing.
But a fun crowd all the same.

Some alone time will do me good I think.
I did have a bit, Thursday, right after Kuo Chuan, but then I couldn't sit in it for long enough.
The pockets of time every so often are nice and refreshing. But I'd like to sit still, just for a bit.
The world moves too fast and I hate feeling like I always have to be moving with it.

Goodnight, all you furry people(:

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