Friday, August 27, 2010

So sometimes, I don't know if it's just me being stupid,
Or me being stupid.
I tend to do this some mornings, think I'm right on time when I'm not. Or want to cab it halfway so I can have a pretty second busride (like today) and then get caught in a jam and end up having to cab it the entire way,
While churning out an extra six dollars, no thanks to the most unnecessary detour.

Or sometimes, I'd bus it half way, just to realize that I've taken myself further away from the route my cabbie needed to take.

Which is most daft.
I think I've done this quite a few times this week and I am just,
Completely and utterly flummoxed by the jaw-dropping stupidity of it all.
And of all times to make stupid mistakes, could I not have done it at some time that's a tad friendlier than peak-frikkin'-hour?


And now. I'm a half hour early, out a twenty and did not have myself a lovely bus ride on bus 3.
Well sod it all.

So the best that'll come of this is me trying to figure out why I'm going about doing such Godawfully stupid things.

Maybe, especially in today's case, I really wanted some me-time while on a scenic bus ride down to work.
And I think in the case of the other things, I'm stuck somewhere in between having time and having none at all. But I suppose I must accept that an unexpected extra ten minutes or even twenty, is hardly anything at all.

So there we have it-
And I have just got in and out of my own head.
What do I do about it now?

Well if I need time for me, I should take it.
It can't possibly be something on my agenda/ to do list like-
1)Submit grades for xxx secondary school
2)Take 27minute bus ride and enjoy the sights of boat quay
3) Pick up cat food along the way

It's madness.
I should have time to take my time and not freaking schedule alone time.
Like, really charis, what?!

So now that's sorted, I will stop feeling sore about the obscene amount of money that I've spent on cabs AND
Decide early on whether or not I'll cab/bus/train it.
No more half baked bullshit for me.
Especially not when there's no such thing as being too early and in any case,
The extra time can be spent zoning out and talking to snails.

And now,

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