Sunday, February 27, 2011

February's end

It's been a long, long week.

Everything from Tuesday on became a drawn out string of Soap Opera episodes. Soap Opera in that, there were a lot of things where I found myself just going through the motions. Getting from point A to point B to point C.
And not in anyway that helped to take my mind off things actually.
But plans had been made from a while back. And for some things, it's easier to use the spin of the world to take you away instead of stopping to sit down and let it wash over you.

That being said, I must point out that there were things this week that I enjoyed immensely.
Erika-Charis Day, on a Wednesday afternoon for one. Not just because we got to spend time but because I like how we often spend time together lazing about and not doing or even saying anything. It's important to me, being able to do things like that with someone.
And we do.
Further strengthening our belief that we both can't have jobs.
Dinner with her Boys and their girls with Zouk that followed was a lot of fun. They're a fun bunch to hang out with, in all honesty.
Okay, I could've done without walking all over the place for the sake of super cheap booze that I barely touched. Or sitting around near a bridge with like, an immense amount of people looking grotesque and drunk and peasant-like.
But all in all it was fun(:

Another thing I enjoyed immensely was my Thursday with Vicky. We went for The Final Showing at La Salle, which was three hours of scenes and excerpts, sections of bad singing, moments of stupifyingly horrific warbling but mostly, this huge awareness that
I really miss acting. I miss acting and performing and thinking about absolutely nothing else besides throwing myself completely into a world that I, that we have created.

So yes, that was my Thursday, ending off with dinner. And I always do love our dinners together.
We were talking about it and we realized,
"Bloody hell, we'll have known each other for almost half our lives soon!"
I like how it is with us.


The weekend came, but it sorta didn't, really. And I didn't get an early night or a late morning.
Honestly, I'm struck by how tired I am. How this <em>is</em> taking a bit of a toll on me. As much as I hate to admit it.

It's startling, how quick your weekend passes when you've only got one day of it. And trust me, it's a thought most distressing on both Fridays and Mondays.

My Sunday morning was nice-
Horse-time, green field-time. Church-time, family-time (both hers and mine). And that was nice.

Everything from tomorrow onwards promises to be hectic, tiring, draining, stressful, scary, fun, exciting, new, overwhelming.
I don't know if I'll know how to do it. But I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope things work out.

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