Saturday, February 12, 2011

We be your new clubbers

So we went to Zouk.
I don't mind Trance, to be honest, but reaaaally, not so early on. And definitely not like the entire night.

It ended up being one of those nights where I'm sober as a stone and Vicky's jumping around going, "You're not drunk enoooooough."
No, I'm not a dancer but I do, sometimes, depending on the music. And I just can't if ALL that's playing is Trance.

For the first time ever though, I did not spend most of the 23dollar night outside smoking because I happened to be in the company of an equally undrunk and non-dancey Erika. And that was actually quite nice because I am, more often than not, the bane of Vicky's crazy-dance-nights, with my fedup looks and constant smoke breaks. Hahahaha.

Soooo. After deciding not to rub up with slimy people in Phuture, Erika picked my last drink (for a non-drinker, I'm amazed at the concoction I was introduced to^^ ). And then, we went home(:

with the taste of redbull-contreau left on her lips

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