Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunrays and Saturdays

We had an ikea date yesterday afternoon-
I really liked it. Maybe also because the food place wasn't as crowded as it usually is.

We picked out beds and bedframes- I've decided that I can't do a double bed in my room. Dayum. But I'm opting for a Super single instead. On that note, none of the beds/bedframes we looked at yesterday is what will move in with me. dammit.
Picked out shelves, and cosied up on couches that weren't ours, in living rooms that were all tiny and well, cosy.

I don't know how big our couch will be, but I'm leaning towards fabric-type as opposed to leather. Need to find a way to stop Buttons from frikkin' clawing at furniture. I will not be the least bit happy if she starts ripping apart our new couch.

So we basically spent the afternoon walking around, taking down measurements, planning, drawing (albeit terribly) before we came home intending to crash out a bit. That's the thing about working on Saturdays (though I'm not exactly complaining!), the afternoon looks lovely but gawd I'm knackered! But I digress!
Everyone else, save for Delia, pulled out on dinner, so it was just the three of us at 313's Trattoria (Which in my memory was pretty nice!), with a funky smelling waiter and an odd looking pizza. That was a shame. I might wait for a bit before going back to that place.

Got Boost Juice, made it for the 10 o'clock movie, with Erika's work friends and got ourselves home.
All in all, it was a pretty nice evening out.

Missed home-cooked dinner with my family though, and I felt awful. Cos I've missed dinner with them, and especially home-cooked ones. But I've got today and tomorrow.

It's looking like an incredibly busy week this week-
Vicky's leaving for a good month and a half this week (OMGAHHH), Erika's birthday, work...
There're dinners to do and SDC rehearsals to have. Yep. We're scheduled for rehearsals, despite not actually having a script yet.

But hey,
that's how we roll.

oh, the way you make me feel

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