Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The second time we went out

It doesn't feel like too long ago, that I passed here with you-
Past midnight, after a drink that went well with the live music and, not entirely sure how we were gonna do it but, walking in the general direction of home.
We were marching about, looking stupid at, what, two in the morning? And laughing at ourselves; Me in my six inch heels, and you in your skate shoes-
both those pairs of shoes which have since been laid to rest.
My, has it really been that long because I-

Now I'm passing this place, on the bus back to you, where you're busy cooking dinner right about now. And I get to put down my things and ask how I can help. I get to bring back dessert to go with dinner and sit on the couch with you.
I get to hear you rant about your day, and rant to you about mine.

And mostly, I get to tell you I love you just before I fall asleep.

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