Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sentosa with Victor((:

So perhaps we didn't go as early as I wanted to.
But in the end, we still caught the gorgeous sun and I managed to get successfully burnt.
"Like a lobster lor!" as Enqing declared.

Hung out at Cafe Del Mar for the first few hours.
Which, by the way, is absolutely perfect and amazing for spoilt brats like myself who is crazy about beaches and the Mojitos/ Pina Coladas that complete the experience.

And just because Enqing's leave was rejected, therefore leaving us to enjoy the beach on his behalf,
here's the lil somethin' somethin' ((:

In case you can't see, it says
I wrote it, painstakingly with my tiny fingers!
okay, no i didn't. Clearly.

I fell asleep for like, an hour and a half which was fucking shiok i tell you.

After we bathed and got all nice and clean (me with my coconut milk shower!),
Victor and I decided to have a go on the Go Karts.

This started by taking the Ski Lifts up by like a million stories.
It scared me a bit, because i freaking hate heights.
I gripped tight to the thing in front of me and enjoyed the scenic view! ((:


It's a super long way down my dears, don't let the camera fool you.

This picture was supposed to focus on the foot and allow you to see how far the ground is.
Instead, it looks like Victor's stomping on the tree.

Oh whatevs.
I'm having horrible cramps and feel rather burnt.

There's so much so much SO MUCH to dooooooooooo


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