Friday, January 29, 2010


Even though it's only been a week.

I usually still turn up, even if I were a wee bit ill, but I was so out of it this week that going to work was a bit of a challenge.
So my three/four days of training that I was supposed to go for this week had to be missed, thanks to this darn flu.
I'm supposed to be back at it today, but honest to God, I don't think I can because my chest is aching from blowing my nose too much and I'm still feverish.
EURGH. I hate this!

On the other hand though, the week hasn't been a complete waste because I have managed to get quite a few things done.

-My first Western Civilization assignment, for one. (Although sometimes the problem is that I get so pleased with my self-discipline that I take a three week break)

-That as well as having FINALLYYYYYYYY sent in a few pictures to James after promising to do it within the week. I am disgusting. (since you read this sometimes James, i'm so so so soooo sorry!)

-I also managed to get a nice 2 and a half hour chat with Justin who is miles away,
fit in two auditions (but then the same person was casting for two different things anyway)
and squeeze in two rehearsals before Sunday's performance.

-Lets see. I've also managed to drop 2.5 lbs!

-aaaaaaand, on Monday, when I was sick as a dog, I managed to help Victoria out with her test shoot. Side note: I absolutely looooove working with her cos she's really cute and funny!

-I also finished an entire Huge bottle of Nin jom Pei Pa Kao(that awesome cough syrup thing that I swear by!) within the week, when I bought it on Sunday!

-PLUS, I had a very nice chat with Bird about our next tattoo appointment. I'm just getting two now, instead of three because mommy finds tattooing her name on my ankle would be tacky. And well, it is her name after all! She's sooooo cute and understanding though! She couldn't bring herself to tell me that she thought it was tacky and when she did I was like, "okay, it's alright I won't get it then(:" and she has this pretty smile and she goes, "aww, thank you darling"

And then today, I'll be heading down to renew two of my modules. Serves me darn well right for procrastinating. Chemistry. ugh.
I really wanted to go for Muay Thai dammit! But if I go I'll just pass out.

Okay, rant over!
I was just going over my completed To Do list for the week to make me feel better.

Outstanding To Dos:
1) Send Chris Lee the rough recording of the songs for the mini musical
2) Bathe the furry children
3) Fill out PV and send it in.
4) Finish 2nd Western Civilization assignment (it's not like you've got Muay Thai today anyway Charis)

Muay Thai Gym, I really really miss you):
I looked up Muay Thai Gyms in LA, and there's one that I might just go for, but you know. IT'S NOT GOING TO BE THE SAME! ARGH.
The only thing I have left from Muay Thai a weeks ago is the huge bruise on my shin. And blue-green isn't really my colour.

okie doke, off to do something productive!

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