Friday, January 1, 2010

What I want to do from here on in

Kind of like New Year Resolutions but more like a To Do list for myself.
Or like, some vague scheduling thing.
You really don't have to read it, it's more for myself than anything.

pre-list number 1) Stop looking like a drunk ho, even when you're perfectly sober

1) Wear a bra, even when slobbing around at home.
It's only a matter of time before people mistake my boobs for balls hanging low.

2) Clean makeup off properly. PROPERLY, PROPERLY, PROPERLY.

3) Pack for the move.

4) Look at visas, selling my body as well as an apartment that allows for Buttons to live there. (Hello Glenn :D)

5) Rethink selling of body.

6) Don't talk about selling body so often, it makes mommy sad.


8) Do lots of praying: for the move, for the car, for the lessons that I'll take which hopefully will not involve any hospitilization.

9) Clear out stuff, Finish all booze, don't kill the cats (let's see if we can do all three at the same time!)

10) Pick up, pack up and prep for more major projects(((:

11) Try not to die

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