Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Why are you still here?" I ask Charis, over and over and over again

Young guy, yelling: I don't give a fuck what you think, I'll play my music as loud as I want!
Old lady, yelling: Well, you do whatever you want, you just keep it away from me! I'm with the Lord. I've got the love of Christ in my heart, you fucking faggot!



Smoking man to another: I've heard being pregnant is really bad for your health.

--Columbia University

Large black woman: An' I been tellin' him I got all these ideas for t-shirts... Like one for a pregnant lady that says "Congratulations, you're not the daddy!"

--BX12 Bus

this last one above, could honestly work on a tee. damn, i ought to get it printed or something:D

Little boy, throwing tantrum in the street: Dad, my feet hurt. I can't walk anymore!
Dad: Yeah, well, my testicles hurt. Come on!

--Times Square

Reader Poll: Should Meth Be Required for Tourists?

13-year-old brunette to tourists: Argh! Move!
13-year-old redhead: These people need to learn the ethics of jaywalking.

--Times Square

yeah they probably should make it a requirement. It'd make more sense in any case, you get to enjoy New York more!

Peace out y'all

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