Monday, March 17, 2008

soaked in hormones

It really starts me wondering you know-

How one moment, for months and months and months on end, someone can declare undying and everlasting love for one person and yet, after a breakup, in a matter of DAYS, she's with someone else.

I'm not talking about right and wrong, cos there isn't such a thing.
What i'm talking about is how bewildering it is, the entire idea.
I don't know, isn't it? To you?

It's funny, that whole "forever and ever" and "it's gonna be a nice 90 years bunnykins" thing, but like, it just took- what was it- all of two, maybe three days, but definitely less than a week, for her to jump into the arms of the next guy and go
"I love my laogong!" (all the nicknames aren't real by the way.)

In someone else's case, it was her true love. Or so she thought.
Lost her virginity to him and the whole nine yards, major drama.
While Victor says that nothing is more real to a teenager than hormones, are we really governed completely and utterly by, excuse me, or dicks and cunts?
She was absolutely sure they were made for each other, and there must have been an ounce of truth in it because til today, she's still in close contact with him and they're great friends, sharing loves and losses.
She told me how painful it was and how she hung on "for a very very long time" and was in absolute tears before she "fell in love with someone else". However, it was only after the arrival of this new someone that her former lover had told her that in fact, he had loved her "all this while."
"And why," She asked, "why did he have to tell me this when i'm in love with someone else already? After all this time when i was holding on, thinking he had already let go, he only tells me the truth when there's someone new"

This insanely long amount of time it took her, to move on from her first true love to her second true love,
was a grand total of
about three days.


All these mentioned people are not friends (more like friends of friends of friends. don't hold anything against me please)

The whole thing i keep going back to is,
gee, for your "first true love" you really got over him pretty damn fast.

There was this other girl who kept changing boyfriends MORE than she changed her underwear. (I FUCKING SWEAR OKAY)
When i first met her, she was still crying over someone saying she'd never get over him.
A while later, there's guy two.
After that, guy two's best friend.
Guy 3,4,5 and 6 too.
In between all of them, she tells me she won't get over the last,
that she's jaded,
that guys are jerks.

Two minutes later:

okie dokie babe, okie dokie.

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