Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hello slushie

This is what i did today:

I woke up at two in the afternoon, after a ten and a half hour sleep.
I did the laundry and then sat around watching Jeff Dunham.
I blew up at Janice, met darling paddykins for dinner and need stitches for the mess i made.


i never got how people could sit around watching youtube, but damn.
guess i just did that today.

I'm in a rather happy mood right now. Must be all that Jeff Dunham.
Whom, by the way, you have GOT to check out because he is insanely fucking funny.

Since I'm blogging by the way, you guys should know not to text me.
If you do, you'll get your reply like, at night when my phone is connected to heather.
I actually can't promise that either cos i'll have to drop my phone off at a Nokia centre asap.
Basically, if you need to contact me, just call.

Here are the people i'm missing, off the top of my head and randomly-
Paddy (even though she just left)
Yeh Yeh and Ma Ma
Mommy (who's right outside, so i should go hug her)

I'm off-fa-fa

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