Monday, March 10, 2008


It's wanting more,
it's gonna send me to my knees-

Went to Starbucks last night to hang out with the girls.
It was clearly, Meet Random People Day. So i did just that, and it didn't even involve me leaving my damn chair.
All it takes for one to have such a day, is to hang out with either Vicky OR Steph OR BETTER YET, both of them together, in town. hahaha.
I had fun catching up cos i haven't had the chance to do that for like a fuckload of time. Only down side was, i came straight from the shoot, with heavy makeup and grotesque hair.

Stacy dropped by, with Cali and her girlfriend plus Azureen, Thuraiya and a bunch of people who we didn't know. (RANDOM, need i have added?)
Zool came, followed by Garett, Geran and Harry soon after.
Stoned around during the inbetweens of the inbetweens.
Kim (guess i've taken to calling her that too)/ Singh or what the hell, Kim is the easiest, whipped out her psp while i stoned around some more.

This is what happens to you on Meet Random People Day-
You sit around playing taitee and a couple of guys walk up and sit beside you and one goes,
"Here I'll deal"
And it's only about five minutes into the conversation that it strikes you that you don't even know this guy's name. And because it's Meet Random People Day with people like this (which includes me), you kinda ask straight out
"Eh by the way, who the fuck are you"
And he has to think for a bit, giving us names of common friends rather than just telling us his name.

I helped him win taitee with my amazing luck though, even he said so.
By the way, we never found out his name in the end.

This evening-
Met up with Enqing, who is FINALLY out of camp for like a matter of hours before jumping right back in.
Gosh, i did miss hanging out with him.
So anyway,
had dinner, caught up. Walked, talked, walked, talked.
I make it sound boring, but it really really wasn't. haha

A couple of hours with him can never be boring, considering his melodrama (do i even match up? hawhaw). Today was tame though, i guess because i woke him up on top of the fact that he didn't sleep the entire night last night. I too was pretty stoned and zonked.

Some dickhead prank called me last night,
waking me up at like half past two in the fucking morning and, in my fuzzy-brained state, i believed him even though he wasn't very good and something told me it was fake.
But yes, i sort of did believe him, and switched on the radio and climbed into bed, on the verge of tears at being woken up from my very nice sleep.

just, spent an entire day, from seven to eight, out of bed, filming and doing shit.
Tired out of my fucking brain and after finally getting to sleep,
i get woken up and it's a fucking prank call.

So secondary one.

i'm too lazy to call back and stuff a carrot up their ass (though they'd probably like that now, wouldn't they?)

i refuse to let them ruin my mood!

On a muchhhhhh better note:
Meet my adooorable twin nephews! They're boys, and are a mix between Chinese and African-American. But they look really Asian though, weirdly.
Cute little things!


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i will feed roxane velvet so many flies till it becomes a fat roxane velvet.

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