Monday, March 31, 2008

reason to smile

I might as well admit,
i miss my long hair and sometimes i feel naked without my piercings.

It's funny how one lets oneself get swept up into doing a complete makeover.
Can you forget who you are?

I guess what counts most is,
knowing that i'm still the same person inside though perhaps not outside. That's all that matters, isn't it?
Guess i'm the same person that I was, from the very beginning.

Relaxed but not careless, laid back without being sluggish.
I ought to be grateful for that, the person that I am.

Been looking for reasons to smile.
They always tell you that, someone out there's falling in love with your smile. I don't smile.
When I'm alone, going from place to place, i either look like a bitchy snob or like I'll punch you in the face if you breathe in my direction. It's sort of funny sometimes actually.

Hung out with my two favourite guys in the world last night;
Victor and Enqing, the two who've always been there and never made me cry and have always given me a reason to smile.
After learning how to knit (i know! GASP! I am well prepared for my old age now!), and having the honour of eating Enqing's home-cooked food, we met up with Victor and took a long long loooooong walk.
We walked all the way to Ner's place man. hahaha

On the way, the night air must've gotten to us because we got all happy and sing-songy and succeeded in annoying Victor out of his eyeballs.
I liked that bit though((:

Haven't found myself clutching my sides and gasping for air in ages actually.
Aren't they both just absolute happy pills now!

I was a bit annoyed today by what i heard,
but like i said,
been looking for reasons to smile.
leave that for another time, shall we?

I'm off to bathe, knit and sleep now!

and i will run away, oh
i will run away

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