Sunday, March 16, 2008

happy grey pictures


Well lookie look!-
This is my 140th post (i have a thing for whole numbers) and it's on a uber special special dayyyy.

Besides it being little Faith's (girl in picture, twit) birthday today, it's also the day of what i hope to be my fantabulously awesome birthday dinner with a whole bunch of friends at a fantastic restaurant!

I've spent the entire day in utter luxury, though for the most part i kind of looked like shit AND the fact that the spa was having maintenance didn't help either. Clearly.

Instead, mommy and i went for a mani-pedi together. I went home to give myself a facemask (even though i did one last night. haha), ate lunch and then went all the way back to the East for my hair wash with Jessie.
you might think like, what in the world, can't you wash your hair yourself?
Yes i could, but i'd be too lazy to blowdry it and i wouldn't get a massage and gorgeously nice-smelling, advert-worthy soft hair that falls back into place and curls just right.
You might think it's not much of a diff from my everyday hair (which looks fantastic on its own. haha), but OH THERE IS.

Now, all I've to do is the final forty-five minutes of my dress up before my London Cab comes to pick me up. (I'm indulging myself cos it's my special day. HMPH)

Gosh this is just fantastically awesome,
I am soooo excited!

See you at the Dinner darlings!
Lets flood this space with pictures shall we?


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