Wednesday, March 19, 2008

this is adorable, i read it off my friend's blog. she was talking about her dad-

Pops:"Kathy Gul, I'm making a move to the driving range ah. Wash the turtle, it's too green (me: "???!!!?"). Eat your nasi lemak and take care of the house, make sure your mother doesn't leave the iron on the parquet floor again, scully the black hole becomes worse. Laterwe're going to goodwood for dinner, make sure Ryan doesn't wear his purple shirt. He looks damn niang in that shirt, Felicia later wont want to marry him ok. And please get out of your room ah gul, always stuck in your room. Dance around the house or somthing, i didn't by this house for the space for nothing ah... ok... (scratches belly) bye."

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