Monday, March 24, 2008


In the mood for randomness-

This makes me think of hamoo and retardoo and whateveroo whom i can never tell apart.
I think most of them are dead and the only furry thing left in Vee's place is Vicky herself, covered in mold.

the started off fine.
I swam in and out of sleep and a not-so-nice-dream involving Alastair feeding my (cooked) prawns to this girl i made friends with only to find out that she decided against telling me that they've been dating.
funny, that.
At some point i even switched off my alarm clock, fell back asleep and then awoke close to seven with horrible cramps and the realization that even a cab wouldn't manage to get me to MacPherson Sec in time.
So i texted Shawn and crawled back into bed before getting a random call that led to the beginning of the rest of my day.

So as of right now,
i'm back Wounded at Maris Stella. The crowd response was good though often largely inappropriate and they were very mean to Shawn.
Aww poor Shawn)):

I ought to go walk homer before Writer's group.

I think i had something intelligent to say, but upon realizing that it was an intelligent thought, it figured it didn't belong with the slush in my brain and so, left.

I think the smell of secondary school boys has clung to me!
why a sock would call another sock "boobie" is beyond me. But 'tis cute!

I caught Crimewatch yesterday and was quite unable to take my eyes off the rubber tire around the band of my gross fbts.
It looked like I had come straight from swimming and forgotten to take off the rubber tire to keep my flats afloat.
How marvelous.

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