Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Ten in my series of Seventeen

Why did You hold me,
knowing that after the storm I'd leave
Knowing I'd turn around and not believe
Knowing that I would walk away all over again.
- (c) Charis Vera

And in an empty church hall, there is an old woman crying over the loss of her son, who left for University but chose to never come home.
There is a child sobbing, still believing that Daddy and Mommy will get back together one day.
There is a lost kitten, hungry and cold, curled up and dozing off below the pulpit.
A self-righteous father walks to the altar asking what made his daughter marry a girl after the godly life he has lived.
A lady sings to herself in the last pew; Of mercy and grace and peace.

And behind shadows and cobwebs, hidden from full view, he is there.
Where the light streams in through the stained glass at a perfect angle spilling light over the beam and the rope.
A blue light it is, tinged with flecks of purple, red and orange-
And it bathes him in this tiny spectrum of colors,
his toned, muscled body, streaked with blood play and stained with
"Only Jesus Can Judge Me" stretching from shoulder to shoulder.
It colors him, from his sand-colored hair to the back of his knee, in this very same blue,
closely missing the words tattooed on the back of his calf which says,
"Feel a fraction of me".

In an empty church hall, someone cried and lost, hurt and fell.
In an empty church hall, someone clambered for a way out.

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