Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Fifteen in my series of Seventeen

There's a tattoo that i badly want to get-
A fish (the old time symbol of Christianity) with the words
Grace -in greek- inside it.

Okay so i might not have been the best little Christian girl all my life.
Yet isn't that the entire point?

It pretty much amazes me over and over again,
how at the end of the day,
i find myself crawling all the way back.

I fall away, digress, purposefully turn away sometimes too,
and at the end of the day, there is still someone waiting at the door for me with the light on.

Believe me, i'm not just looking for things to blog about right now.
Earlier on, i read a girl's blog.
A girl who, tattooed and pierced and whatnot, had an emo moment.
We all have those moments don't we?
And then she asked if Jesus was still there.

As i read her words out, i found my eyes filling with tears and i realized with this awful pang that we are like that.
All of us.
Saying, "I don't need You, You're no help."
Facing the world alone and then coming back with our tails between our legs.


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