Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm tired-

Hung out with Enqing today, walked around and i successfully failed in helping him with his very importante essay.
Watched Leap Years, this time it included a very annoying commentator on my right, second-guessing every other bit of the movie. Omg, i really can't express how annoyed i get at people who talk during the movie. Though i find myself doing that with friends sometimes, most unfortunately. Guess it's to fill in the blank bits where i feel compelled to talk.

My evening was put to very good use;
I had dinner with the Little Creature (Janice) and studied like lots.
I'm aiming to finish my assignment by this week, latest. Otherwise, it'll never get done and i'll never move on.
Oh aren't i just absolutely geeky! I'm nearly done with my First assignment of my second subject.

Visual Art is terribly dry, requiring a whole bunch of reading and reading and reading.
The art pieces are nice, and going back to basics is always refreshing.

I'm lazy to type out rubbish that no one's actually reading.

Goodnight darlings

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