Thursday, March 27, 2008

Swear I do.
Fer rel, fo' shizz, for aaaabsolute certain.

Smile won't you love?


Today was fantastic.
I slept in til eleven (which is nothing compared to my two pm lie-ins but is heaven, compared to my usual seven am wakeup calls),
before rolling out of bed, grabbing a bite, and waddling to work.

Class was lovely, i'm quite certain we made good progress today.

Met up with Vee at Raffles place after that, watched her get her new hair which is really really nice. (i'm not just saying this cos she's had her share of bad hair cuts)
Had coffee and munchies at TCC, in my utmost favouritest area, before dwaddling back home.

I'm not going to further bore you with my day,
you're not really reading this.


Today is a bad day for every testosterone host, it seems.
crab crunchers!

I'm so fucking annoyed and crabby right now,
and i ought to stop blogging to keep from swearing.


still want you to smile though((:

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