Wednesday, March 5, 2008

so i lay my head back down

why do you even ask, my dear, when we both know that you don't care anymore?
weren't we way past pretense already?
It stopped mattering around the time that I did. Stopped mattering, that is.

Someone told me today, straight out-
"haha. you're right, i DON'T care."
Not that i needed to be told that of course, when i already knew.
So why ask, when you're just gonna say, "okay" to my reason for having my arm wrapped up and hurting like a bitch?

What does it all even matter! How foolish, to even spare thought.

Today was a really good day.
I didn't teach though, because that would mean carrying too many things for me to handle.
I popped by my office, and then school (which is right beside my office, Thank God)
and then met Janice at City Hall for dinner and to collect CIP letters from Cheryl.

Visited Bird at work and, GASP! not only got to talk to her as she went off for her break, but also watched her put little thingamajiggies on random doughnuts.
Bought a box back for the family, and it does look delish. You'll have to wait til the smell of the doughnuts from the shop leave your clothes before you'll find it appealing though.

Also met Daanish during dinner.
Freaking hell, i haven't seen him in absolute ages. Pretty amazing, that.

Then i went for a nice walk in the park with mommy, during which we met Eme who had just come back from watching The Leap Years.
So we walked a couple of rounds talking about that.

Afterwards, (and before actually) when it was just mommy and i, we groused about guys, boys men- six of one, half a dozen of the other.
I do think i'm incredibly blessed though, to know two guys (men, and not boys) who have, time and time again, made me realize that even if 99% of all the guys in the world are jerks, there's still that 1% that isn't.

Caught up with Enqing, who's still stuck in camp. Has been and just might be for a while now.
Poor thing- I really feel awful for him. At first, i thought it would be fantastically exciting. Now, it just seems almost impossible and yet he's still alive (though barely) and capable of talking on the phone although it takes a while for stuff to kick in.
He was definitely alive enough to tell me off though!

And okay, i know i know i know, i can't say it enough times but, i really am sorry and it won't happen again!):

That aside, other than freaking out thinking i busted my stitches (don't worry, i didn't), the day's been just fine.
I've done all my invitations already and ought to pass it out before they prove completely redundant.

I don't know if they'll read this but:

you guys are invited but because i might not see you til the day itself, i can't exactly pass you an invitation card.
Call me for details, pretty please.

I realized tonight,
that i wasn't the only one not feeling too great.
And yet, i can't believe that a part of me made someone else feel better. The knowledge of that, was what made ME feel better.
I think you should know that sweetheart, if you ever read this.

and i lift my hands and pray (:

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