Friday, March 21, 2008

come round soon, charis

"There goes Charis, being all emo again."

Do you know, there's a difference between feeling deeply and crying.

I've got so much, cancelled out, rewritten and cancelled out again.
Can't really put to words when i'd rather curl up and snuggle into Zachy, pretending that well, that someone actually gives a droplet of shit.

Nothing helps when no one cares,
and there's no one to pick up the phone and cry to.
Everything risks a danger of you bursting into tears, no one wins and everyone loses.

I could use another cigarette
but don't worry daddy, i'm not addicted yet
One too many drinks tonight and i miss you
like you were mine

i may seem naive if i cry as you leave
like i'm just one more tortured heart
these cracks that i show as i'm watching
you go aren't tearing me apart

the angels said i'd smile today
well who needs angels anyway?

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