Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No. Don't love me back

It's having the courage to let someone love you back

I once did think that i wouldn't be able to breathe.
That the world would crash down around me when you did-
And i'd kill myself before the foolishness of depression did that for me
Write you a letter telling you how much you'll always mean and
Oh how you were right there, in the blurry mess that was my future
How nothing could be any more right
you and I.

Well it did, it happened-
and i'm still alive

We are all fools who hand out pieces of our hearts on silver platter to
anyone who'll take it.
Fools who find ourselves crying in the middle of the night,
precisely because.
Someone once said that, you give 100% of yourself in a relationship, only when you sign on the dotted line. Except when it comes to a relationship of different dynamics, you give 100% of yourself, on the spot.
There and then, no questions asked-
with no idea how or when or where it'll end up. And that's what scares me sometimes.
The whole realization of just that.

Of how every second person you smile at might strike a conversation,
and how every second person you have a conversation with will end up being a contact,
and how every second acquaintance, might just be a friend.
A friend who might or might not rip you up into pieces and trample on you and make you cry.

This pensive mood will kill me, dammit.

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