Tuesday, March 25, 2008

spilling more ink on the marble floor

That's my name in Greek.
Someone has my name in Greek on her foot.
Someone has my name, in Greek, TATTOOED on her foot.
And no, she doesn't have the same name.

I am so coolios that people want to tattoo my name on their foot to quell the overwhelming conditions that come hand in hand with
The Emptiness Of The Cutest Charis.

I loved work today. But then I always do.
I love teaching conversational English, there's some form of a relationship that one establishes.
There's something about that, that I really like.
I find it awesome and I really like my new student, who's a mother of a teenager. That sounds awfully strange but oh wells.
She's from China and I have secretly been writing down Chinese han yu pin yin to English words which she gives a Mandarin equivalent to. Me like very much.

The only student taking a toll on me right now is my little Korean girl.
I'm often half asleep as I make my way to and fro.
Even if I leave home energetic and fresh, I lose that when I fall asleep on my ONE AND A HALF HOUR LONG journey to her place.
It's utterly insane.

At the same time, I don't want to stop teaching her because I love how she's improving ever so much.
She's improving so much that she sometimes even gets complacent! Silly thing.
But she's just lovely, as is her mom and her little brother.
You really wouldn't know how it feels to have your student hand you a note from her school teacher that says:

It's one of those moments of teaching that I kind of live for.
But the journey is just insanely tiring. argh.
At the same time, I've got an offer for being a drama teacher.
The problem with that is that, there is absolutely no problem.

When it comes to acting, it's never about what i take home with me.
This is exactly what I want to do, for like the rest of my life!
It's what i'm looking at, when I get out of school with all those pieces of paper that I've worked so hard to achieve!

Yet i am so content with my life as it is right now.
I have just the right amount of students, all with wonderful timing.
I have enough freedom to study and be a full time actor with Inward Bound.

Okay, that's that.
I've sent out the email conveying my deepest regrets but to please keep me updated if they ever still need a drama teacher.

I'm a bit sore, so I think i'll head out soon to drown myself in the joys of studying.
Speaking of studying,
guess who got FULL MARKS for her FIRST Visual Arts Assignment!
Yes, Your Truly will be sure to stuff some humble pie down her throat on her way out the house.

Indulge me though,
my B- for my first English assignment really got me down.

I've got the beginnings of a huge bruise on my leg now.
It's rather sore):
No more jumping into backs of random lorries Adi!
Especially not when the traffic light has turned green and i risk accidentally flashing Shawn.

I'm off for my late night study session like a fantastically good little girl!


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