Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All left in bubble wrap and plastic

Glenn's aaaaalways eyeing my yoghurt!
Aurora the Penguin! Save the animals because they love you too!

So we've pretty much just been busy having a swell time, eating Ghiradelli brownies for breakfast and having coffee so strong that IF I got affected by coffee, I'd be buzzing after half a cup.

But too much chocolate, just like other good things like sex, cotton candy and sleep gets one a widdle bit dizzy. (I just said that because I had a couple of bites of brownie)

it's the second last day of being in gorgeous, brilliant San Gabriel and the world has already begun! Everyone's back at school/ work/ bum-busyness.
I've just got one more important present to pick up in Taipei. Other than that, I've completed all my shopping. I'm even too lazy to buy booze at DFS, yeah, fo' shizz man. Imagine that.

Today's my pap-pap's actual birthday, so we'll be going out with my gramps today.
It's strangely sad actually, because I haven't seen much of my grandparents since coming back from Frisco. For one, my granny was ill for a while. As were quite a few people actually. We seem to have given them a very nice Christmas present- our cold.

Believe it or not, I'm completely done with packing. Developing of my 110mm film will def. have to wait til I'm back in Singapore because they don't do it here.

There's that whole air around of constantly packing and repacking, making things easier and more convenient. Fortunately (or Unfortunately) I'm still quite fresh from my move and so, am quite proud of the way I've packed things. Out of my four pairs of new shoes, I've taken two out of their boxes. One of them being a pair of five-ish inch heels which can be doubled up as a weapon. Had to wrap that up in a skirt which i did NOT use this trip. Bloody waste of space I say! Two skirts which I didn't wear, terribly disappointed with myself, can't stand it. It's taking up precious space, I'll have you know!

Anyway, I'm off to soak up precious remaining minutes here.


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