Monday, January 12, 2009

What I did on my first Saturday back in Singapore

Yep, two days in and back to work(:
I was particularly happy because it's been half a year since we've met up and all that.
Big IS Gorgeous has been going fantastic and they've even recruited new models (who looked really good unlike Richard).
I wasn't shooting for BIG this time though, there were three gorgeous girls for that (two of whom were twins!) This time, I was shooting for The Plus Factor, which is the side of BIG targeting both male and female youths!

Sorry, they both looked so cute, I had to put them up here!
Besides the shoot for Plus Factor (which was just a since we're going to be in the studio anyway sort of thing) there was theee main reason for everyone being all prettied up and falling asleep waiting for their turn!
Samsul has designed a line of wedding dresses!
SO, most of the rest were dolled up in wedding-styled clothes (though not necessarily all poofy and veily).
Ernie was in for the bellydancers photoshoot. Yep, BIG has bellydancing classes!
This is the first time we've shot together! (:
The twins- Eva and Dana, Fizzy (who's missed backstage updates as much as I have) and me!

Fizzy is the only straight designer I know. Which should irk me, considering how many times he's seen us completely and utterly naked and helped us adjust our bra, but it doesn't.
We're gonna come up with an online shop selling our designed stuffs! (though you should get his dresses cos all i'm coming up with is a series of random tees.)I looove this picture. The one in red, on the left, is Vicky. She's a client turned new model for BIG but she's so brilliantly well porportioned and hot. I am NOT kidding you, you should've seen her in the dress with the plunging neckline and strapped in wasit!
In the chair is Amelia and the guy is Sean/Shawn, who I just found out, is a year younger than me! They're winners of that yearly teen pageant thingy. Okay, I've no idea what it's called so i'm not gonna try.
My hair was let down and done this way so I'd look more vibrant/youthful/un-old-hagish.
Photographs from Fizzy's camera!
Let's hope the blue moon comes quicker next time. <3

Amazingly, I was done within two hours of arriving. Which is absolutely unheard of!
Ranjeet's long out of CDC, BUT if we thought we'd never see him again, I must've been low on chocolate and smokes, because he's working with BIG. Which explains why he's there:D

BIG's been busy with a massive amount of projects, causing Sham's hair to go from blue to green to blonde (as it still was when I saw it) within the week of her dying it.
Big IS Gorgeous is even helping low income families and single moms by (upon them signing up) sending them for a three month tailoring course and then paying them to sew the dresses that we model in.
No more importing clothes from Thailand or US or wherever!
They're now designed by us (Well, Samsul first) and then, hand-tailored IN singapore.
This also allows these mothers to work from home and look after their kids.

I think this is one of the things that I'm happiest about:D

Anyhoos, it's back to work this coming Friday for me.
I've got three projects to finish BY Thursday so, keeping my fingers crossed. But you can't get em all, so I'm hoping my 5 out of six assignments being full marks will pull me up.
My GPA isn't very good right now.
BUT I'll admit that I'm quite happy because if I maintain my Grade Point Average, then I'll be able to get into most of the Universities that I'm looking up via the trust World Wide Web.

and yeah, it's nice being back(:

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