Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Just remember kid, it's all bullshit"

So my New Years' Day was quite fantastic. No biggo party, but I checked out the University I'm hoping to get into, had great brunch and came home to those legendary home-cooked dinners that we've been having SO DAMN much of but I swear, one does not get sick of.

Back when I was dating Alastair, my entirefamily clan knew about it within the first half year and my cousins, (over-protective, amazing and caring cousins they are), said,
"Well lets see how much he eats, first."

The Little Creature has been on Joejoe's xbox most of this time, finding her way around Assassin's Creed. Well, what she did in an hour, my cousin's friends (boys, all of them) took five hours.
So kudos to her(:

It's great here, as it always is. I'm happy as a clam and glad like a furry caterpillar.

So today saw me having a nice breakfast, before heading to the movies with my cousin where we caught Yes Man. Shame, I'm gunning for movies which aren't released in Asia yet. TEE HEE.
Fucking hilarious, as was Marley & Me, which we saw on New Year's Eve Night (and which made me cry like fuck)

My pap-pap's party celebrating his eightieth is tomorrow evening. After that, it'll mean three more days til I'm on the eleven o clock flight to Singapore where I can get my free baby kangaroo from Victor!

Believe it or not, after four pairs of shoes, pretty pink things from Victoria's Secret and my hoard of Christmas presents, I'm a bit lazy to shop.

Omg, I just measured my shoes and realized that they're only five and a quarter inch (the highest pair, from Aldo). Shit. Gonna have to get one that beats my six inch now. So ignore the last sentence. haha.

Anyway, a couple of movies that you guys ought to catch once it's out in Singapore
(Just in case you guys haven't caught the trailers) --
Bride Wars
He's just not that into you
Watchmen (it's great for the guys too!)

Anyway, I'm off for Banana Split after dinner at a place called Fosselman which has been around since my granduncle was a born. Which is like, 1913 or something.

I've got fantastic news to tell you guys when I'm back. hehe

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