Wednesday, January 21, 2009

glass always looked prettier in pieces anyway

So the week's begun and left me behind. I sort of feel like I'm running after a train that isn't moving, and not catching up with it.
There's stuff to do, and I SHOULD have the time to do it, except, I don't.
And it's not like I'm not trying.

I sit and try to do the work I'm supposed to do, and I'm so aware of all the other million things I have to do and I'm freaking out about my priorities not being quite right, that I end up being so stuck on what I have to do that I don't actually do anything. (My, what a mouthful!)

There's my room to clean up, for instance. And I'm just itching to lock myself in and sort all this crap out. But at the same time, there's a song I've to finish by this week, a project, as well as a lesson plan for a debate course I'll be teaching.
And in between there's all the little things like trying to tidy up here and there.

I bought myself a shoe rack today though. It's the most gorgeous thing, and all my shoes are just so gorgeously lined up then I get this spasm of happiness everytime I see my gorgeous gorgeous shoes all neatly lined up. The room looks just that little bit neater.
And yet, all those other things I'm also supposed to be doing are bugging me no end.

Anyway, on an angrier note,
our ex-landlady emailed mommy. No doubt full of self-righteousness and piousness spilling out of her goddamn nostrils. Am I supposed to be nicer to her because of her incredibly graciousness? Because that sort of leans towards as possible as me bungee-jumping.

This, by the way, is how she starts of her email:
there are quite a few things that you, as tenant should "make good or compensate the landlord" when you move out that I didnt mention to you as I want to be as gracious as I am called to be by the Lord.
For Fuck's Sake, stop throwing that God-thing at me because frankly, you're one of the last people I would think of when the word Christian comes to mind. It's so amazing, you know, and I can hardly believe that I myself am still a Christian because it irks me that i am associated with such a person.
It pisses me off that she is so goddamn self-righteous and throwing her "graciousness" in our face. Well really, if you call graciousness telling us to get the fuck out of your house because you frankly do not want us there (and make it painfully clear) and proceed to point out how impossible it would be to stay a couple more days while trying to get our entire lives out of your fucking house because "the cleaners are coming" or you "would like to live there for the period that you're back" then I must be missing something.

Here's how she ends off:
To say the least, I am disappointed with the way things turn out, and the testimony that you have shown to my family. But this is now my problem to explain to them.

Oh woe is you, having to explain how horrible some Christians can be, making a mess of your place!
Some, might I point out, wasn't even our fault! The cooker, for instance, was never ever used by us because we had our own. Yours was spoilt because it was crappy. Fullstop.
Also, it is complete and utter bullshit that "the place was so dirty no one wanted to come in and clean it". First of all, if you hire a company and pay them to clean, they will clean. I find it highly unlikely that a company would send a team down, be aghast at the state of the house and then promptly change their minds about cleaning up. HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

And you know what, Miss-Holier-Than-Thou?
i'm pretty damn glad that you had to scrub off the stains my piano left on your floor, and with your nails (oh poor you, really.)

For seventy dollars, I should have put effort into trashing your fucking place.

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