Thursday, January 22, 2009

what Squidge produced

So as I've probably mentioned before, I've got a baby named Squidge.
She's a tiny camera, smaller than the size of your palm. Squidge's best friend is a fish-eye camera, and is the exact same size as her (except with a huge round lens).

I took them both on my LA Trip and only just managed to collect the photographs.
Because they use 110mm film which is pretty much non-existent, it cost a bomb to get these photographs developed. As if that wasn't bad enough, most of them due to over-exposure/under-exposure/ sunlight sneaking into my film canister, most of the pictures out of the 72 are grey and blank.
I was quite quite upset, to say the least. And it cost me like, fifty bucks just to get them developed.

I figured I'd be lucky if I could get just ten or so decent pictures out of the 72.
I managed to get twenty. Somehow though, I don't feel that much more ecstatic.

Those that survived though, are terribly pretty.
Of course they're not your ordinary sort of pictures where clarity is taken for granted. They're pretty old school, some of them grainy, and some of them over-exposed in a way that is still rather pretty. I'm not a photographer, that title is held by my baby sister.
But the stuff's pretty neat and I'm quite proud of the outcome, although it's all of twenty pictures.

Needless to say, no more cute little gadgets for me. Shoes are SO much more worth it.
And they look better in pictures too!

Anyway! Here they are((:

mPersonal Favourite, this one. All of the above were in San Francisco.
The series below us is from the fish-eye. (I was thinking of calling it Dory. teehee)

I love this one(:

Oh these two that just passed were in Frisco too((:
That's Jacq, and the lawn
And that's the lawn from the front door, which no one ever enters by.

That's my pap-pap, we're right outside HSBC.

Costco, and feeble attempt to take artsy shots.Dog in the next car.

Well well, for those that turned out brilliantly, I'm awfully happy.
But there's a whole lot that didn't come through. So I guess you've to imagine the rest of the fifty shots.
Think beautiful skyline, clouds, flowers, fountains, and long empty roads lined with orange trees that look like they belong on a postcard.


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