Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When purples fade to grey

I've been rushing projects for the most part :/
and no, I haven't been unpacking. Which basically means I still can't get to the mirror in my room.

We've hit mid-week!
I've gotten the schedules for my classes and the first is tomorrow. Which also happens to be the due date of my projects. of course, I'm supposed to have finished them by tonight/ tomorrow morning which gives is supposed to give me peace of mind.
Thought right now of course, it sort of doesn't.

It's an exciting year coming up and my schedules are kind to me.
There's still lots of stuff to do though, where it concerns the degree though. This is the year where I wrap everything up, send applications in and all that bullshit.

I've got 54 credits before I finish the degree, and just about 15 more subjects to complete.
Just the numbers alone are dizzying. Gosh.
Busy busy year we have, don't we?

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