Monday, August 10, 2009

beehives and woodlice, faries with berries

You know, I've forgotten how to take pictures with Heather.

I spent today desperately wanting to work and not getting any done.
Do i feel shitty? Indeed, I very much do.
I did manage to get an email out with regards to a couple of designs for my Tees. Looking forward to getting my quotations and whatnot.

Saw a couple of pictures of my friend taken while in Europe.
She's not the stick-thin sort of girl, and she exercises lots so she's got a lovely body. And now I've got this desperate want to be skinny too! ):
And she was in Europe. Doubly unfair.

Don't you just hate life sometimes?
You think you're happy and know you're supposed to be and then you see the things you don't have. Which kind of ultimately makes you a bit of a brat.
So great, I'm a big fat brat. so there.
I'm going to grab a juice and smoke to cheer myself up.

I'm going to channel detox and skinny-ness in my thoughts. That always works.
Or swimming.
always makes me feel lovely about my week, swimming(:

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